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Patient volume is back on the rise, with fewer people deferring care and many patients making up missed appointments. Healthcare marketers are not only investing energy toward attracting new patients but also toward keeping and nurturing existing patients.  After this period of decreased interest, patient loyalty is lower than ever and ready to be influenced by advertising. Healthcare providers have a chance to capture this rare opportunity to expand influence and market share in a time when consumers are open to new options.  Patients now use and expect online resources for their healthcare more than ever before. In the U.S., there are currently 70,000 health-related Google searches per minute, making up 7% of Google’s daily searches.  According to eMarketer, healthcare digital ad spending is expected to increase by 10% in just 2023 alone. 60% of consumers run a search before scheduling an appointment (specifically for physical therapists, nursing homes, and optometrists).  Ensure your practice stands out from the crowd to establish a solid and reputable online presence.

Home Services

When sudden emergencies arise, customers skip the research stage and lean heavily on what they already know and trust. To stand out as familiar and reliable, businesses need immediate brand awareness and a strong presence in Google search results.  Consumers are searching more and spending more on services that make their homes a place where they feel energized, focused, and inspired. People heavily rely on searching to find the right home services for them. When searching for home services, most consumers don’t have one company in mind. They’re going to go to whoever has the best reviews and ads.  Brand awareness ads combined with investing in SEO and SEM are incredibly effective in this industry.  This industry lives and dies by its online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Heavy advertising will only do so much if the business’ reviews are not good or non-existent. Our local SEO experts can help.

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Even the most proficient do-it-yourselfers cannot do everything, so home services are needed to fill in the gaps. Busy professionals don’t have time, and aging adults don’t have the energy for projects.  Although supply chain shortages have impacted businesses and shoppers alike, help your advertisers discover where demand is and how they would like to drive or pivot focus to other services.

Home Services

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It’s possible for median home prices to fall by 5% in 2024, but if mortgage rates decline faster than predicted, home prices could remain flat through the end of 2024.  Good or bad economic times, advertising is still impressively effective at acquiring new buyers and sellers – no matter which side of the market has the most demand.  Home shoppers prefer digital tools they can use on their own time during the research stage.  Emphasizing 3D virtual tours and digital floor plans in your ads is far more appealing than talking with an agent.  Keep an open mind when it comes to location. Many first-time home buyers are buying what would usually be “second homes” further out from city centers they can work from home at.

Married couples make up 60% of the home buyers in the U.S. Single females (19%), Single males (9%), Unmarried couples (9%), and Others (3%).  Real estate professionals want to learn more about SEO, Social Media, and Paid Search Advertising.

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Don’t neglect non-traditional students! Forbes reports that 58% of students graduate in up to six years as opposed to the standard four.  Remote learning blurs school differentiators. It is vital to emphasize the unique advantages your school will add to students’ future.  Gen Z undergrad prospects are suspicious of being duped by marketing. Ads portraying authenticity without too much polish speak their language.

Universities spend between $429 – $623 per student on marketing.  The average age of a graduate student is 33.

83% of college students are completely, very or somewhat confident “they will earn enough money to make the cost of college worth it.” 60% of parents believe it’s worth the investment, but only 36% feel confident they can pay for four years of education costs.  Universities spend between $429 – $623 per student on marketing.  The percentage of students enrolled in online courses in postsecondary institutions was 59% in 2021.  Marketing your graduate career outcomes is compelling for prospective students.


The entertainment industry plays a crucial role in consumers’ lives by providing a much-needed escape, relaxation, and enjoyment. Ensure your venue, event, or experience has brand awareness and loyalty to seize the market share.  Platforms like TikTok and Snapchat will drive demand for bite-sized video content, appealing to audiences with tighter attention spans. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and AI, entertainment platforms will offer content tailored to individual preferences, creating unique experiences for every user.  The entertainment industry will move further into virtual and augmented reality (AR and VR) to create an immersive experience for both audiences to explore and interact.  76% of consumers will purchase products or attend events based on what they’ve seen through social media posts.  The box office will grow 12% this year, reaching $29 billion. If the projection holds, the film industry must wait until 2024 to see a total return to pre-pandemic global box office levels. The global box office stood at $42.3 billion in 2019.  Major brands will likely continue their advertising investment despite the global economic challenges. It is anticipated that $740.0 billion will be spent on entertainment advertising this year.


Restaurants Restaurant Graph

Takeout and delivery are here to stay. There are still several reasons why restaurant customers are continuing to go for takeout and delivery—who are immunocompromised, singles, individuals on the go, and others have picked up this habit from COVID-19.  Most people go out to eat at least once a week.  8% of diners eat out five or more days a week.  72% of millennials have dined out in the past week.  Online reviews are hugely influential in the restaurant industry. Local and Organic SEO is vital in this space.  Emphasize the experience of dining in your restaurant when advertising. Set up wine tasting nights, host seasonal events, and leverage social media or video to promote these in-person experiences.


Win clients’ loyalty by showing them opportunities they can take advantage of and the potential threats they might face even in the uncertain economic conditions.  Remember, you’re not selling advertising—you’re selling insight into how you can help them make money.  Consumers miss the in-store retail experience.  However, they’re searching for more personalization.  People are doing more online research before visiting  the store, which offers an opportunity to increase in store foot traffic with online advertising by promoting the experience of your brick-and-mortar location(s).  According to eMarketer, loyalty programs are taking on a greater importance—but brands must put value and ease front and center to retain existing customers and boost frequency. Offering special pricing, exclusive discounts, or a points system can help your customers feel like they’re getting more value.

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Fitness Fitness Graphic

After people have been stuck in their homes during the pandemic for so long, they value experiences. Your advertisements should play up the unique experiences your fitness center can offer, such as classes, an energizing environment, and unique amenities an at-home gym cannot compete with. Millennials make up 35% of the fitness industry’s customer base. Fitness advertising these days is all about authenticity. Use real photos of your club and members in your ads rather than stock photos of pristine, fit people. This helps people picture themselves in your business and makes your brand approachable.

Search-related ad tactics such as Local SEO, Organic SEO, and SEM are vital for your business as people begin to shop and compare competitors in the new year. Building search authority takes time, so start now to be prepared for the new year as people set their resolutions and fitness goals.

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The test drive is alive and well. 80% of car buyers still prefer to go to a dealership in person to experience the vehicles themselves, test drive them, and finish the transaction.  An average of only two dealerships are visited before the purchase decision is made. Ensure you are reaching those users before they go to the dealership.  Only 18% of car buyers spent their entire vehicle buying journey online.  About half of car buyers seriously consider buying an electric vehicle, but only 5% actually buy one.  Pre-owned vehicle sales are rising and are expected to grow 9% between 2019 and 2025. Brand awareness is more critical than ever.  39% of vehicle buyers spend only one week or less from the beginning of research to the
final purchase.  Once someone decides to start researching, you have little time to influence them.  Already being top-of-mind is vital.

Recruitment Recruitmentgraph

86% of jobseekers find job openings through social media. Target potential candidates where they’re most likely to see your listing, based on their platform preferences.  31% of workers leave a job within the first six months, and 68% of those will depart within the first three-months. A strategic recruitment and onboarding process can reduce these high turnover rates.  Capture candidates effortlessly while browsing to guide engaged prospects to a simple form (five fields of info or less) that indicates they’re interested in the position. Follow up with the complete application later.  Add SEO and SEM to your staffing campaigns.  An astonishing 90% of job-searchers begin their search on Google. Half of those click on one of
the websites in the top three.  40% of jobseekers are leaving jobs for a better salary. Use your pay and unique benefits on your ads to stand out to choosy candidates. More than 75% of potential candidates don’t apply on their first website visit.  To entice applicants to return to your site and complete an application, utilize retargeting.

Tourism Tourism Graph

Outdoor experiences, local travel, and destinations by the water will continue to make up the most bookings in 2023’s travel season.  In 2024, travelers are seek better experiences in every place they travel, more once-in-a-lifetime destinations.  According to eMarketer, offering a loyalty or rewards program can help you attract and retain customers – specifically millennials and Gen Zers.  Solo travelers have risen in popularity.  89% of respondents agree they want to travel to destinations they’ve never visited. 61% of travelers believe that firms should customize their buying experience.  Expect more travel experiences to be powered by technology.  ‘Bleisure’ travel is where business travel integrates leisure into travel plans.